Who are we?

We are a consortium of fully licensed pharmacies working together to fulfill your prescription needs.

Where are we located?

We are an international network of pharmacies with operations in many countries around the globe (India, Europe, New Zealand, Fiji, USA, and Romania). While our pharmacies are located in many countries to fulfill your prescription needs, fastescrowrefills.net is operating under the laws of Mauritius.

What do we do?

Our business model is very simple. We allow customers to place orders online with the fully licensed pharmacies located in our network. Our job is to fulfill these orders in a speedy and professional manner, offering you 100% satisfaction, quality, and service.

How do we do it?

When you place an order though  fastescrowrefills.net with one of our pharmacies, your information and payment will be transferred to that pharmacy so that they can fulfill and ship your order. The pharmacies are in competition with each other to provide the very best prices, products, and service in order to ensure you will continue to reorder from them in the future. It is through this friendly competition that you are guaranteed to be satisfied every step of the way. If there is a problem at any point during the transaction, the pharmacy will be given a chance to rectify the situation and if they do not, they will gladly refund your money as per the fastescrowrefills.net Terms and Conditions.

Why should I order through  fastescrowrefills.net?

Ordering through our company just makes sense. When you order through us, you are guaranteed the following:

  • That every pharmacy is fully licensed in their respective country.
  • That each order is dispatched by a licensed pharmacist.
  • That every medication is clearly labeled with expiry dates and manufacturer’s information as well as lot/serial numbers so that they are verifiable and genuine.
  • That you will always get what you pay for (see our posted Guarantee).
  • That you will be fully satisfied with the ordering process.
  • That we have the best prescription pricing on the Internet – If you find a better price for the same medication from a reputable company, we will try to beat or match the price.
  • That we have a fully staffed Customer Service Team ready to assist you in any way possible.
  • You get all these guarantees and much, much more.

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