Lioresal – Baclofen

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Lioresal is a popular antispastic agent and a muscle relaxer that is also generically known under the name of Baclofen. This medicine is widely used in the treatment of several unpleasant muscle symptoms (such as pain, spasm and stiffness), that might be triggered by several muscle disorders such as multiple sclerosis.


Lioresal is a medicine that is usually prescribed to patients who are experiencing some of multiple sclerosis’ unpleasant symptoms (muscle pain, stiffness and spasm). However, this medicine could also be prescribed to treat or to prevent some other medical conditions (disorders) that have not been mentioned in this guide.



A treatment with Lioresal is known to sometimes cause some side effects that could impair your reactions and your thinking. Therefore, during your intake of this drug, you should be careful while driving or performing any other hazardous activities (that are known to require physical or mental alertness). You should avoid drinking alcoholic beverages during your treatment with Baclofen, because alcohol may increase some of this medicine’s side effects. You must not take this medicine when you need to assure safe movement or balance and a proper muscle tone.

Intake Guidelines

Follow each and every one of the advices that your doctor has given you regarding your treatment with Lioresal (do not disobey any of them). If you have any further questions you should ask your doctor, a pharmacist or a nurse. You should read the instructions that are written on the drug’s label for further information regarding Baclofen. If your symptoms have not improved after 2 weeks of taking this drug, you should alert your personal physician as soon as you can.

Lioresal Dosage

Ask your doctor to calculate the dose of Lioresal that should suit you best. The correct dosage varies from one patient to another, as it depends on a couple of factors (among them: age, body weight, the disorder’s severity, etc). Do not change the dose that you have been prescribed without first consulting it with your personal physician.

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