Boost Your Immunity With These 2 Quick And Easy Drinks..

Health is wealth and healthy eating is the secret to long life. In the summer season, we should focus more on drinking(healthy drinks) and less on eating. Due to hot temperature and humid weather, our body loses out on hydration which can cause dehydration and various other health issues. To replenish the hydration level and suffice the nutrients need at the same time, we all should drink healthy drinks like juice and water. But is hydration enough? Along with water, your body also needs immunity boosters to keep you protected against hostile factors and seasonal viruses. Here are some healthy drinks recommendations for you to try.

Code Red
This juice majorly consists of beetroot and carrot. Both red veggies are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. These vegetables are good for body detoxification, blood pressure regulation and blood circulation. These increases the count of RBCs in the body to strengthen immunity. With a dash of ginger, lemon juice and turmeric powder, it becomes more tasty and healthful.

How to make: Blend chopped carrots, beetroot, ginger, black pepper, lemon juice and some black salt together. Sieve the juice and drink. The natural sweetness of carrot and beetroot would curb your sweet cravings for the day.

Mix Vegetable Juice
In all juices, if you talk about the most healthy and beneficial juice, then mixed juice made from a mixture of fruits and vegetables is the best. Drink juice of carrot, cucumber, beet, lemon, mint, amla, tomato, gourd and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and cauliflower, etc. In this, you can enjoy the benefits of different vegetables together. This juice protects you from inflammation, keeps the skin clean and keeps the body balanced. Along with this, you also get rid of excess weight. The biggest diseases can be overcome by regular consumption of this juice.

Turmeric Milk or Haldi Doodh
Well, this is an Indian secret to enhancing immunity. Turmeric has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to take care of your immunity. Consuming turmeric on a daily basis would shield your health against harmful viruses and bacteria. Milk, on the other hand, provides calcium to the body.

Green Detox
The most important thing during seasonal transition is detoxification. You need to flush out all the toxins from your body to improve health. Here is a green detox drink for you which is both tasteful and healthful. Get an energy boost with this drink.

Orange juice
Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and fiber. This juice increases the immunity of your body and prevents diseases like cataracts and cancer. Orange juice contains many powerful antioxidants, which protect you from eye diseases such as lung cancer and cataracts. The antioxidants present in Vitamin C help the body fight against cancer cells. If pregnant women take it, it has a positive effect on the fetus. Oranges are high in magnesium and potassium, so it is good for high blood pressure patients.

Pineapple juice
Drinking pineapple juice is very beneficial. The vitamins and antioxidants found in pineapple juice are very beneficial for our body. According to a study, pineapple juice contains many ingredients that provide relief from bone pain. Regular drinking of this juice can also relieve the pain of bones and many diseases caused to the eyes. Beta-carotene and Vitamin-A are found in abundance in pineapple juice. Drinking this juice also reduces the risk of asthma. This juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which gives relief from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Low Calorie Foods That Can Speed Up Weight Loss…

What are low-calorie nourishments? The vast majority take uncommon consideration of their calorie consumption when attempting to get thinner. A calorie is a proportion of energy put away in nourishments or the tissues of your body. One of the incredible suggestions for weight reduction is to utilize a greater amount of your put away calories through active work and spotlight on eating less calories. Essentially, a few nourishments have gotten well known in some weight reduction eats less as they have small calories, which implies that you can consume calories by eating them. From skin to digestion, they are valuable for some things.

A bit of low-calorie food is a food item that doesn’t can possibly give required calories yet thus consumes a larger number of calories than it provides for eat, summary and cycle the food item. A few instances of low-calorie nourishments in our eating regimen are carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, cabbage, lemon, watermelon, apple, to give some examples.

Nourishing realities identified with low-calorie nourishments

Low-calorie nourishments are wealthy in fiber, they cause you to feel full for more yet additionally on the off chance that you eat overabundance can likewise make you swell because of short-chain unsaturated fats. Just water has 0 calories; in any case, each food has calories, from 1-50 calories or all the more relying upon what you eat.

Low-calorie diet: When following an eating regimen, it gets hard for individuals to eat less, however with low-calorie nourishments, one can reverse the situation around. One can eat more food with low calories since it’s assimilation requires a bigger number of calories than the energy it contains. While the facts demonstrate that the vast majority of these nourishments are nutritious, they consume off the calories of eating the rest. Low calories are those nourishments that are nutritious and low in calories.

Low-calorie nourishments consume calories: By burning-through these food sources, the body consumes a bigger number of calories than normal. Consequently, it tries not to add additional calories, which would somehow or another happen when one eats void calorie nourishments, for example, shoddy nourishment. These nourishments with high fiber and water content are low in calories and require more energy in their processing. Nourishments advanced as low-calories are regularly products of the soil with high water content.

How Olive Oil Is Good For Your Skin

Do you have an uneven skin tone? Has your skin darkened either due to sun damage or excessive use of chemical beauty products? Many people think that it is nearly impossible to change the skin tone which is both true and false. While our natural skin tone is difficult to be changed, you can alter the changes that occurred due to other factors such as UV rays damage, overuse of chemical-based skin care products, poor dietary and lifestyle habits, oxidative stress, etc. Natural remedies are meant to aid the problem leaving any side-effects behind. Olive oil is one such natural ingredient that can help you in lightening your dark skin.

How Do Skin-Lightening Products Work?

Skin-lightening formulas work by:

  • Reducing pigmentation: There is a pigment named ‘Melanin’ in the skin which is responsible for skin tone. Increases production of melanin increases darkness in the tone. The skin-lightening or skin-brightening products work to reduce the production of melanin.
  • Exfoliating the skin: Sometimes, darkening is due to the layer of dead cells on the skin. These either occur due to tanning or just skin damaged by aging. The skin-lightening agents help in exfoliating the dermal layer.
  • Sunblock: These products contain titanium oxide and zinc oxide which are great agents to prevent tanning and reducing the exposure to UV radiation.

Olive Oil for Skin Care

Just as good it to add olive oil to your diet, its direct application on the skin has some amazing benefits too. These pointers show how olive oil helps in skin-lightening:

  • Research says that olive oil application can block almost 20 percent UV rays from damaging the skin.
  • Olive oil increases the concentration of sun-blocking protein in the skin.
  • Olive oil has Squalene which is a natural fat that protects against the skin-damaging factors.
  • Olive oil has a high percentage of antioxidants which reduces oxidative stress.

Weight Loss Tips

IS THE HCG DIET A SAFE, healthy and effective way to drop pounds? Or is it a gimmicky, unhealthy and even unsafe regimen that doesn’t help its followers achieve long-term weight loss? Many experts think poorly of the HCG diet – which combines an extremely low daily calorie intake with ingestion of the hormone HCG – as an effective way to lose weight. “The HCG diet is almost the quintessential fad diet,” says Mike Israetel, chief sports scientist for Renaissance Periodization, which provides online dieting and training templates and coaching. There are no clinical studies suggesting using HCG helps with weight loss.

There are two key components of the HCG diet: One is limiting your intake to 500 to 800 calories a day. The eating regimen emphasizes protein from lean meats, fish and poultry, and calls for low amounts of carbohydrates or milk and modest amounts of vegetables and fruits. The other component is injecting (or getting an injection of) HCG, typically into your thigh, or taking it as an oral drop – either in spray form as a pellet or tablet.

How the HCG Diet Works

The typical HCG diet was outlined in 1954 in the book “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity,” by A.T.W. Simeons, who created the diet. Many dietitians promote the importance of eating a healthy breakfast, but under the regimen Simeons developed, there’s no solid food before lunch. If a dieter has breakfast, it typically consists of a cup of black coffee or tea of any size, with no sugar, though calorie-free sweeteners are allowed. If you drink milk, you can have one tablespoon every 24 hours.

In conjunction with the paltry food regimen, the HCG diet calls for daily injections of the hormone; typically, a dieter would inject himself or herself, usually in the thigh. Or, a person on the HCG diet could ingest the hormone by swallowing drops or pills, or take it in spray form.

7 Reasons You Should Be Eating Olives Daily!!!

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of consuming olive oil but here, our sole focus is on whole olives. You must have had them as toppings on your pizza but that only provides taste and not benefits. Both black and green olives are greatly nutritious but these can only be enjoyed if you have them daily. Top your salad with olives or have pickled olives as an accompaniment with your meal. Scroll down to read the benefits.

Health benefits of eating olives

There are so many reasons why eating olives is said to be beneficial for your health. Some of the best benefits of olives are mentioned here, keep reading to know.

Cardiovascular benefits

Damage caused by free radicals is a major cause of cardiovascular problems. Olives are high in antioxidants that counteract free radical damage and secure heart health. Their consumption prevents oxidation of cholesterol and fat accumulation in the arteries to cut down the risk of heart ailments. Olives contain good fat that promotes the increase of good cholesterol or HDL in the body.

Prevents cancer

Free radical attack can also cause cancer and therefore, freezing them is imperative. Black olives have vitamin E that combines with monounsaturated fats to safeguard cellular processes. This prevents free radical damage, cancerous cell formation and mutation of cancer cells. Consuming olives is found to prevent colon cancer.

Skincare and Haircare benefits

Olives have all the essential nutrients that are needed for skincare and hair growth. This includes vitamin E and antioxidants that protect against UV radiation that causes skin problems. It also forestalls skin ageing and skin cancer. This is one of the main reasons why olive oil is considered to be good for applying to the skin. It offers hydration and protection. You can also make olive oil face masks and homemade she a butter and olive oil products. Similarly, mask your hair with an olive oil pack to get smooth, shiny and strong hair.

Eye health

If you are suffering from eye problems like weak eyesight, pain around the eyes, dry eyelids, pink eyes or conjunctivitis, etc. eat black olives. Black olives have vitamin A that is great for eye health. It not only improves vision but is also proven effective in fighting glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other age-related eye disorders.

Digestive health

As already mentioned, the consumption of black olives prevents colon cancer. This implicates that these are supremely good for digestive health. Olive oil consumption can also keep stomach ulcers and gastritis at bay. Additionally, it also activates the secretion of pancreatic hormones and bile to prevent stones in gallbladder. Olives also contain fiber that helps in boosting digestive functions and easy secretion. Thus, eating black olives makes digestion smooth.

A part from the aforesaid benefits, olives also promote bones and connective tissues to lower down the risk of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and other health condition caused by free radicals. Due to the high iron content, black olives also promote uniform blood circulation for better functioning. Thus, you must start eating whole black olives along with olive oil.

4 Reasons Why You’re Losing Muscle and Not Fat!!

Most people who exercise daily have their targets set on something. Hands down for most people, it is fat loss. But did you know one should understand that fat loss can be tricky in various ways? If you think you are witnessing a difference in your body immediately after shifting to a diet or a workout schedule, then it could be something else than fat loss. In a lot of many cases, rapid changes in weight could be a reason for muscle loss in the body. Losing muscles in the name of fat could be unhealthy as muscles are essential for fundamental body movement, leading to a decrease in functionality too.

Feel More Tired During Workouts

Are you working out every day but still feeling the need to stop now and then? Is the level of fatigue more, and increases every day, that means there is a lack of muscles in the body and whatever you are losing is only muscles and not fat. The more you feel strained, means there are lesser muscles in the body, moving a tedious task. You may feel you are overtraining, but the fact is that muscle loss makes one feel constant sluggish. So, take this as a sign of reality behind your weight loss.

The Body Fat Percentage Remains Same

Everybody has a specific fat percentage which needs to reduce for proper weight loss or fat loss. Hence, despite shedding a lot of weight, your body fat per cent remains the same, means you have lost your muscles. One of the significant signs is when the pinchable fat remains the same, but there is sizeable shrinkage in the skin. Hence, keep looking for that pinchable fat to know whether the weight loss is due to fat loss or muscle loss.

The Weight Loss Speed Is Faster

It is good that if you are losing weight faster but weight loss in most cases is gradual, until and unless you are not on a strict diet and workout regime. If only by making basic dietary changes and minimal exercises, you are losing weight faster, then it could be muscle or water loss too. Faster weight loss is difficult to sustain. Hence, always look for proper methods for weight loss to ensure that it lasts longer.

The Weight To Lift Remains The Same

Has it ever happened that you have been working out every day, but you are lifting the same weight every day? This means that you are not building any strength in the body, which comes from muscles. So if you are over and over again lifting the same weight, feeling extraordinarily fatigued but still losing weight then get to the crux of the weight loss. The loss could be due to muscles.

These tips are essential to note as most people get it wrong when it comes to weight loss. One must know that proper weight loss is all about losing weight from the right and the required places and not from the overall body in one go. Take note and look for alternatives to lose weight the correct way.

HCG diet plan for Weight Loss!!!

Weight loss is not about shedding those extra calories but has other significance on health. You can achieve both short-term and long-term benefits with weight loss. Being overweight improves the risk of various health conditions. You can improve the glucose level and heart conditions by reducing weight. Improved energy level and vitality is guaranteed with a reduced waistline. For losing weight, you need to follow a safe and consistent process. To lose weight, you need to reduce the intake of calorie and use more energy. For a consistent weight loss process, you need to make changes in eating habits.

Strike a balance

Well, skipping meals is not a viable option, as it will lead to increasing the appetite. Starving yourself is also not a good option as it has other implication on health. If you are planning to lose weight, then VLCD or a very low-calorie diet is a must. A perfect balance between energy use and food intake is important for achieving a perfect weight. If you want to lose weight, increase the energy use and change eating habits. You can choose from a wide varied of diets available. However, it is important to choose a safe diet that will help you to fulfill your weight management plan.

Aid in losing weight

Low-calorie diet is safe when you follow it properly. A balanced diet ensures your body gets nutrients that help in proper functioning of the body. Food included in this diet helps in maintaining a healthy and stable weight. In comparison to conventional program, this diet helps in losing weight rapidly. If you are overweight, then this diet is a good option. However, this diet is not recommended for breastfeeding and pregnant women. Low-calorie food contents are integral to HCG diet plan that aims at losing weights fast.

Importance of restrictive diet

When you are on hcg drops for weight loss, it is mandatory to follow a low-calorie diet. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is effective in losing weight. This hormone found in pregnant women, but for the dietary supplement, it is extracted from sterile cells. It helps in dissolving fat deposition and releasing energy. Combination of the regular dose of this hormone and a low-calorie diet can help you to reduce weight effectively. There are threephases of diet plan and after first three days of initiating the diet drop, you have to follow a low-calorie diet. Only vegetables, fruits, proteins and bread are included in this low-calorie diet plan.

Get immediate results

Blend of two will help in dissolving fat from buttocks, thighs, and other areas. To get positive results, it is important to follow the diet plan ardently. This restricted diet does not include starch or sugar contents. You can take only five hundred calories each day when using supplements that are rich in this hormone. Well, you can take only two meals a day, and it is important to emphasize on the water intake each day. With a low-calorie diet, you can shed extra pounds effectively. However, you need to record your BMI prior to initiating this diet plan.

5 Crazy Benefits Of Hibiscus Everyone Needs To Know!!!

There are a few edible flowers that apart from looking beautiful can also be healthful. Rose, jasmine, rhododendron, lotus and hibiscus are some edible flowers that can be easily found in India. Today, we will talk in detail about various health benefits that you can receive upon consuming hibiscus. While you must be knowing about infused or herbal tea made with hibiscus, do you know about its health benefits? Swati Bathwal, Dietitian and Sports Nutritionist is all praises for hibiscus as a food ingredient. Upon asking why hibiscus is good for health, she explained some surprising hibiscus facts and health advantages.

1 Reduces blood pressure

Consuming hibiscus tea daily can be of great aid to people with high BP or hypertension problem. According to a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology, hibiscus consumption can reduce systolic blood pressure by 11% and diastolic pressure by 7%. Find below Swati’s Hibiscus Tea recipe and some other tips:

  1. Boil 2 cups water and add 1 hibiscus flower to it.
  2. Let it steep for 5 minutes.
  3. Strain and add 1 teaspoon honey or 1/2 teaspoon stevia.
  4. Your hibiscus tea is ready.
  5. Drink it warm, 2 times a day.

Alternatively, you can also make a punch by soaking 2 hibiscus flowers in 1 jug and adding 1/2 cup chopped mint leaves and 1 teaspoon Stevia to it. But you must consume only 1/2 a jug a day only.

2 Hibiscus Boost Immunity

We are looking for different immunity-boosting foods lately. Hibiscus along with lowering BP can also be great for boosting immunity. It is found to stimulate B and T cells that have infection-fighting properties. Thus, when you consume hibiscus, it activates these cells and strengthens the immune system.

3 Blood Sugar Control

High blood sugar or hyperglycemia is a dangerous situation that has life-threatening effects. It can not only increase the risk of heart diseases but also kidney problems. Consuming hibiscus regularly is found to control blood glucose levels. But this alone won’t help unless you get physically active and have a proper diet.

4 Improves hair growth

Do you know that Hibiscus is one of the main ingredients in exotic hair care products? Well, hibiscus can be used differently for different hair issues including dandruff, hair falls, etc. Just make a paste of fresh hibiscus petals and leaves and apply it on your hair and scalp like a hair mask. It would promote hair growth and makes your tresses long & shiny.

5 Hibiscus keeps Cholesterol in control

Not only blood sugar and blood pressure but hibiscus also helps in controlling cholesterol. All these three health conditions can be fatal for you. Let hibiscus tackle it as you consume it daily. Consuming hibiscus can lower LDL cholesterol by 22%.

There are so many benefits of having hibiscus that you would experience as you start taking this fruit in your diet. Prepare fresh hibiscus tea or add its extract to your infused teas to get a soothing and refreshing taste.

Coffee vs. Tea: Is One Better for Your Health!!

For many people, tea and coffee are the essentials to keep their body working. They engage themselves in a habit and there’s no coming back. Both tea and coffee are very addictive and tasty. While coffee is prefer by the working class, tea is the first choice of most homemakers. People cannot imagine their morning or evening without these beverages. From kids to the senior citizens, everyone is fond of these two drinks. Well, is there any comparison? Have you ever thought that which one is healthier for you? Well, we can’t weigh the personal preference of people but we can definitely discuss the pros and cons of tea V/S coffee. They both provide some similar health benefits but have differences at the same time. Various researches have found out that tea can help in curing some serious diseases too. Whereas, coffee is good for your skin. Below is a comparison of both the beverages and a result to which one is healthier and why to help you make a assertive decision.


The items that are rich in antioxidants can help your body as well as skin. It protects you from damage and many chronic diseases too. Tea and coffee are high in antioxidants and can help in boosting your health. Many groups of polyphenols are present in tea and coffee. The aflavins, the arubigins, and catechins are present in black tea, whereas coffee is a good source of flavonoids and chlorogenic acid. Many studies have proved in resulting black tea having cancer-protective properties.

An old study observed that 74,961 healthy people said that drinking 4 cups or more of black tea per day were proved to have a 21% lower risk of stroke, compared to non-drinkers. The other one said that 34,670 healthy women showed that drinking 5 cups or more of coffee per day lowered the risk of stroke by 23% as compared to non-drinkers.


Caffeine is the consumed by more than half of the population of the world. It is an addiction for a lot of millennials. A morning tea/coffee has become a crucial part for many individuals. In fact, caffeine is present in many beverages including tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. It is beneficial for your body but has harmful effects too. An average human consumption of caffeine content should be 400 mg per day. More than this is considered to be unsafe for human body and can have various health effects. Caffeine content is distinct as it depends upon brewing time, serving size, or preparation method, coffee can easily pack twice the caffeine as an equal serving of tea. Although, scientists have researched more on coffee when it comes to caffeine, but both of them contain different amounts of this element.

It is powerful enough to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer and enhance your mood or alertness. Many fitness enthusiasts drink black coffee, as it helps them in their workout performance.

Energy boosting effect

Both coffee and tea enable an energy boosting effect in your body but in different ways like:

1# Tea

Tea is low in caffeine than coffee, but it sure has high levels of L-theanine. It is a very powerful and useful antioxidant that helps in keeping you calmed and relaxed. It keeps you mentally alert along with the feeling of relaxation. This is the reason why tea boosts your energy more than coffee. Dieitian Swati Bathwal adds, “Tea containing less caffeine can be consumed more but it shouldn’t be consumed with iron rich foods as it decreases the absorption of iron. And, remember to make sure that the both tea and coffee are brewed to their required temperature”

2# Coffee

Speaking about the benefits of coffee, Dietitian Swati Bathwal says, “Average consumption of coffee shouldn’t be more than 350 mg a day. And caffeine varies from the brewing  process and roasting. Black coffee not only increase cardio performance but it also helps in uplifting mood, protects liver but shouldn’t be consumed more than 4 cups a day. For each cup of black coffee consume 2 glasses of water to prevent dehydration.”

It is quite clear that coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, which increases your energy levels. The effect of dopamine and adenosine levels help in increasing your heart rate and keeping you sleepless and less tired. That’s why a lot people take coffee when they need an urgent energy push.

3# Weight loss management with Tea & Coffee

Coffee can help in burning calories as it has as it has a huge amount of caffeine present in it. It also has certain fat burning properties that can aid weight loss. On the other hand, tea polyphenols like theaflavin also have a part to play in losing weight. Theaflavins also contribute in improving your fat metabolism. Moreover, black tea polyphenols can also prove to be a healthy bacteria for your intestines, which in turn can help in weight management.

Depression and Menopause can disrupt your Sleep!!

As we all know that there’s a very close relationship between sleep and mental health. Suffering from a mental health problem can affect how well you sleep and poor sleep may have a negative impact on your mental health. If you have been diagnosed with clinical depression, you may be having trouble in getting sleep or staying asleep.

There is a very close link between lack of sleep and depression. In fact, one of the most common signs of depression is insomnia or an inability to fall and stay asleep.

Most of women find difficulty in sleeping when they are under menopause. Sleeplessness is considered as the 2nd most commonly reported menopause symptom. Although the exact cause for sleeplessness is tricky to identify the fact but there are some common menopausal symptoms and other factors are there those generally cause it.

Cause of Sleeplessness

There are several factors that disturb sleep during menopause transition. These include-

  • Fluctuating level of hormones

This is a main cause for many wrong things that happens during menopause, the hormones actually change your circadian balance; they hold when your body is completely awake or when it is at rest. Hormonal imbalance considered as the most common sleeplessness cause.

  • Sleep Disorders

Human body develops many sleep disorders. Sleep apnea and Insomnia, both of them can be related to changing levels of estrogen. It is advisable to consult your doctor who can examine your sleep disorder and can suggest you the better treatment.

  • Depression

Approximately 10% of the women in the United States reported feeling depressed during menopause. Feeling constantly sad and hopeless is the common symptom of depression. This clinical condition can affect an individual severely to have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

  • Night Sweats

The common habits such as eating spicy food at night or drinking can trigger night sweats, it’s important to choose best lifestyle that allows you to get a good sleep. Although night sweats are often blamed for causing sleep problems in women, but they are not the only thing that can cause sleeplessness.

  • Anxiety

Psychological stress badly affects the quality of your life during menopause. Anxiety causes an individual to feel nervous, powerless, and insecure about the future.

  • Drugs and Alcohol

Nicotine and caffeine are famously known to rob your sleep. Alcohol can also disrupt your sleep patterns. Excess drinking of alcohol may cause you to pass out. Your doctor may prescribe some sleeping pills that can also help you sleep.