Best Ab Exercises for women:  5 Moves for a Flat Belly

Various studies indicate that exercising in the morning is not just great to be in shape but also extremely important to stay energised the rest of the day. Also, this is the time when your body is in the best form and energy after a good sleep. For the same, one must know that strengthening the core is a great way to kickstart your day. A workout routine that targets the obliques and abs is a great way to kickstart your day, making your body healthier and energetic for the rest of the day. But before anything, do not forget to do a warm-up as your body needs that much to get in action after a prolonged period of rest. So, if you are one of those who wish to stay happy, energised and not at all grumpy in the morning, try doing this great abs and obliques workout to see the difference.

High Crunches

A classic core exercise, crunches are incredibly useful in training the abdominal muscles. After a warm up session, start with laying on the back. Do not forget to have a mat below you to avoid any workout injury. Keep your hands by your ears, and the elbows wideout. Once in this position, elevate your legs in the 90-degree angle. If elevating it straight it a problem then have a slight bend in the knees. Then start with curling your spine up and down. Let your head touch the floor and feel the crunch on the abs. This is how you will know that you are doing high crunch the right way.

Leg Raises

Next, after high crunches, get into the mood of doing some leg raises. Yet another extremely effective fat cutter exercise, leg raises are simple to do. This is how you can do a leg raise properly:

  • Lie flat on a yoga mat, keeping both the feet closer.
  • Keep both hands perpendicular to the floor with your palm firmly placed on the ground.
  • Keep your breathing normal and straighten both legs upwards.
  • You have to raise your legs until a 90-degree angle is formed between your legs and chest at the waist.
  • Hold both your legs in this position for 15 to 20 seconds and then bring your feet to the ground. Do not keep your legs on the ground but slightly elevated from the ground.
  • In the initial stages, elevate your legs for only a few seconds, because keeping the feet up, puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscles.
  • The period of elevating the legs should be gradually increased after one week.

Raised Leg Circles

After leg raises, do the raised leg circles. By this time, you will feel a slight strain on the abs and legs. Do not stop as this is the time when your muscles have started working in your favour. To do raised leg circles, lie flat on your back. Again, be sure that you have a yoga mat while doing all of these exercises. Facing down and the legs in front of you, raise your legs just as done for the leg raise exercise. Raising your feet off the ground, swing your legs in a circular motion. Be sure that the movement is controlled, and you are using your stomach muscles to do all the lifting. Move your legs in a circular clockwise motion.

Raised Leg Holds

Coming on to the second-last exercise schedule, we do the raised leg holds. This requires to hold on to the position in air for as long as possible for effect to be seen on the pelvic muscles. To do raised leg holds, lie flat on the ground. Make sure there is no gap between your gap and the floor while doing this exercise. Extend the legs out and hold them up in the air at least 6 inches off the ground. The hold should be there for a minimum of 10 seconds to a minute in one go. This will count as one raised leg hold.

Flutter Kicks

Ending this exercise routine with a bang, the last done is flutter kicks. An exercise which directly targets the core muscle, it is highly effective for making your abs and obliques stronger. To do flutter kicks, lie on your back, and extend legs at the angle of 45 degrees—palms placed on the ground. Lower your one leg and then the other. Keep the core engaged. This might be a little taxing after doing the first four exercises but do not give up after coming this far.

The above-mentioned exercise routine may be slightly taxing for those who have never exercised or have followed specific body-part exercises. However, those in the habit of doing moderate exercises can very well do this. But, do not forget to do a gentle warm-up by running on the spot for a few minutes and doing basic leg and hand stretches. A workout is a very important part of any exercise routine and must never skip this for any reason.


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Yes, Walking Helps you To Stay Fit

walking helps reduce the risk of all chronic diseases and is considered a ’wonder drug’ by many doctors and physicians. What makes walking the best form of exercise for your health is the fact that it goes easy on your heart and joints and therefore has a larger impact on your overall health. Strenuous exercise may have bigger and faster impacts on your body, but it can also cause harm to your joints and bones.

1. Walking regulates blood pressure.

Those who chose to walk these 40 minutes all at once saw a drop of 5 points in their blood pressure, while those who chose to take 4 separate 10-minute walks saw a drop of 3 points. The doctors who conducted the study say that it is important for everyone to make the choices that suit them better to get the results they want one way or another.

2. Walking fights breast cancer in women

its researchers have found that 7 hours of walking per week reduces the risk of breast cancer after menopause by 14%. The women who chose to walk more than 7 hours per week and in a faster mode had a 25% less chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The study strongly suggests that there is a strong link between physical activity, particularly walking, and keeping breast cancer away.

3. Walking reduces the risk of diabetes.

walking 3,000-7,500 steps per day can be effective in treating or preventing type 2 diabetes. Also, the study advises people to take breaks in between long hours of sitting and to take small walks or do a few exercises that suit their bodies. In other words, walking reduces blood sugar levels, which are in charge of causing type 2 diabetes.

4. Walking helps produce vitamin D.

vitamin D is highly connected with brittle bones, fractures, and difficulty in walking. One effective way to get enough vitamin D is to walk 15-30 minutes a day while the sun is still out. This way, you create a strong shield against cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes — just don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

5. Walking increases creativity.

the creativity of a person rises while they walk and for a short time after they finish. The environment didn’t play a role itself since walking both indoors and outdoors boosted creativity. Many people said that they come up with all of their best ideas when they are walking. Even Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs had meetings with their associates while taking a walk.


Health Benefits of Planking

Planking is very popular for weight loss. It works is amazingly for a flat stomach. Those who are working hard to achieve abs practice planks on regular basis. Planks are very beneficial for the stomach muscles. It makes your abdominal muscles strong and tightens the abdominal area. But planking can offer other health benefits as well. Apart from the popular weight, it can improve your health in various ways. Daily practice of plank can give you noticeable changes to improve overall health. Read on to know some lesser known health benefits of planking which will give you more reasons to practice plank on a regular basis.

Improves posture

Planking leaves a strong impact on your posture. When you practice plank regularly you will notice improved posture. Planking keeps your back straight which helps the body adapt the position. A perfect posture will keep your body in alignment which will help you work more efficiently. Initially, you may experience back pain but after a few days you the back pain will eliminate. Later plank will also help you treat back pain completely. After a few days, your body will adapt to this posture.

Improves body balance

Along with posture planking also improves overall body balance as it makes you balance your body weight perfectly. You will feel that your muscles are stronger than before which will strengthen your balance. You would also experience better stability and improved coordination.

Boosts metabolism

Planking will help you burn more calories. It will challenge your whole body to do more. Slowly and gradually it will improve your metabolic rate. Regular practice of the plank pose will keep your metabolism high and will maintain it throughout the day. To increase your metabolism make sure that you perform plank regularly without skipping it.

Increases flexibility

Increased flexibility is another great benefit of planking. The exercise affects the whole body. It works on muscles around your shoulders, collarbone and shoulder blades as well. Improved flexibility will also reduce workout injuries.

Boosts energy levels

Planking burns a lot of calories. When you burn more calories, your body receives oxygen and nutrients effectively which will provide better energy to your body. Regular physical activity leaves a significant effect on your energy levels.

Better mental health

Exercising improves your mental health as well. It creates a fine balance between your mental and physical health. Plank is no exception. It boosts your mood significantly. It also one of the most significant benefits of planking. You will also experience reduced stress and anxiety.

Planking offers great health benefits which cannot be ignored. You can also try different variations of planks for different benefits.

Your walking speed can determine how long you will live

You will be very surprised to know that your walking speed can determine your life expectancy. A recent study has shown some results which claims that the speed at which you walk can determine how long you will live.

According to the study people who walk slowly have a lower life expectancy than those who walk fast. The study was published in the Journal of Mayo Clinic Proceedings. The study explains that people who walk faster naturally have a long life expectancy irrespective of their weight.

The study further mentioned that people who are underweight with a slow walking speed have the lowest expectancy- an average of 64.8 years for men whereas 72.4 years for women.

“Our findings could help clarify the relative importance of physical fitness compared to body weight on the life expectancy of individuals. In other words, the findings suggest that perhaps physical fitness is a better indicator of life expectancy than body mass index (BMI) and that encouraging the population to engage in brisk walking may add years to their lives,” said professor Tom Yates the lead author of the study.

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Weight Loss Motiovation

Whether you are motivated to lose weight for your health, appearance, or personal comfort, successful weight loss requires a multi-faceted approach to address your unique concerns safely.

HCG Diet injection  claims to help you lose up to ten pounds in a very short period of time. A recent study showed that weight loss takes first place in popularity among New Year’s resolutions. If you are a part of this statistic, you can try this diet to get rid of extra pounds. HCG injections are one of the most popular weight loss product that people are using for fast and effective weight loss. You supposedly get skinny fast, because the HCG diet is aimed at boosting your metabolism. By decreasing your calorie intake over a short period, you will get rid of fat mass. But it’s not typical starvation diet. It’s low in calories, but provides you with the energy you need to have a productive day.

Make a habit of starting your day with a glass of water. Drink two glasses of water before every meal. Water is filling, it reduces your appetite and helps you feel full longer. Don’t forget about drinking water during the 4 days of eating normal.


Find yourself a diet buddy to control and motivate each other! If you do this, you are way more likely to succeed.

Boost Your Immunity With These 2 Quick And Easy Drinks..

Health is wealth and healthy eating is the secret to long life. In the summer season, we should focus more on drinking(healthy drinks) and less on eating. Due to hot temperature and humid weather, our body loses out on hydration which can cause dehydration and various other health issues. To replenish the hydration level and suffice the nutrients need at the same time, we all should drink healthy drinks like juice and water. But is hydration enough? Along with water, your body also needs immunity boosters to keep you protected against hostile factors and seasonal viruses. Here are some healthy drinks recommendations for you to try.

Code Red
This juice majorly consists of beetroot and carrot. Both red veggies are high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. These vegetables are good for body detoxification, blood pressure regulation and blood circulation. These increases the count of RBCs in the body to strengthen immunity. With a dash of ginger, lemon juice and turmeric powder, it becomes more tasty and healthful.

How to make: Blend chopped carrots, beetroot, ginger, black pepper, lemon juice and some black salt together. Sieve the juice and drink. The natural sweetness of carrot and beetroot would curb your sweet cravings for the day.

Mix Vegetable Juice
In all juices, if you talk about the most healthy and beneficial juice, then mixed juice made from a mixture of fruits and vegetables is the best. Drink juice of carrot, cucumber, beet, lemon, mint, amla, tomato, gourd and green leafy vegetables, such as spinach and cauliflower, etc. In this, you can enjoy the benefits of different vegetables together. This juice protects you from inflammation, keeps the skin clean and keeps the body balanced. Along with this, you also get rid of excess weight. The biggest diseases can be overcome by regular consumption of this juice.

Turmeric Milk or Haldi Doodh
Well, this is an Indian secret to enhancing immunity. Turmeric has antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties to take care of your immunity. Consuming turmeric on a daily basis would shield your health against harmful viruses and bacteria. Milk, on the other hand, provides calcium to the body.

Green Detox
The most important thing during seasonal transition is detoxification. You need to flush out all the toxins from your body to improve health. Here is a green detox drink for you which is both tasteful and healthful. Get an energy boost with this drink.

Orange juice
Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and fiber. This juice increases the immunity of your body and prevents diseases like cataracts and cancer. Orange juice contains many powerful antioxidants, which protect you from eye diseases such as lung cancer and cataracts. The antioxidants present in Vitamin C help the body fight against cancer cells. If pregnant women take it, it has a positive effect on the fetus. Oranges are high in magnesium and potassium, so it is good for high blood pressure patients.

Pineapple juice
Drinking pineapple juice is very beneficial. The vitamins and antioxidants found in pineapple juice are very beneficial for our body. According to a study, pineapple juice contains many ingredients that provide relief from bone pain. Regular drinking of this juice can also relieve the pain of bones and many diseases caused to the eyes. Beta-carotene and Vitamin-A are found in abundance in pineapple juice. Drinking this juice also reduces the risk of asthma. This juice has anti-inflammatory properties, which gives relief from pain and inflammation caused by arthritis.

Simple Ways to Prevent a Second Heart Attack

Surviving a heart attack is only half the battle won; the other half is about preventing the second one. All it takes to spare your heart this dread are lifestyle changes and a meager amount of resilience. Here are some simple ways to prevent a second heart attack.

  1. Preventing a Second Heart Attack
    Surviving a heart attack generally puts you at an increased risk of a second one. But, the danger can effectively be forestalled by following some simple lifestyle changes and taking precautionary measures. Keeping a second heart attack off could mean bringing drastic changes in your lifestyle. But these changes are in favour of your overall health and are worth making.
  1. Kicking the Butt
    Smoking damages your heart’s rhythm, arteries, and decreases the amount of good cholesterol in your body. No kidding, but quitting smoking can cut your risk of a second heart attack by 50 percent. That’s a huge number to ignore and therefore you must consider it. In fact, even people exposed to second hand smoke should stay away from it to prevent the recurrence of their heart attack.

  1. Eating Healthy
    A healthy heart results from a nutritious, well-balanced diet. You must cut down on your consumption of saturated fats because they clog the arteries resulting into a heart attack. Your diet should contain abundant foods that are high on omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, and magnesium because they help lower your blood cholesterol levels. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fishes are some examples.
  1. Exercising
    An exercise routine of mild physical activity for 30 minutes a day, five times a week is the sure shot mantra for a healthy living and a good heart. You can even go for 20 minutes of vigorous exercise thrice a week. Activities such as gardening, walking and performing household chores also help your heart. Daily habits that give your heart a boost are taking the stairs instead of the elevator or walking instead of travelling by car.
  1. Controlling Cholesterol
    High cholesterol is one of the major causes of heart attacks, being it the first or second one. If it has tricked you the last time, don’t let it cause you a second heart attack. Keep your cholesterol levels in check by consuming foods that are increase good cholesterol (HDL), being physically active, and staying away from alcohol consumption.

Diet Plan for Teenage Girls to Manage Weight Easily

Eating a healthy diet is not just important for adults but for teenage girls as well nowadays, when they have a great desire to look as beautiful as their favorite TV star. Teenage girls always strive to look best and beautiful. Whether you want to maintain an ideal weight or want to feel better about yourself by having the right foods, a diet plan is needed. An ideal diet plan for teenage girls is one which helps them be in shape without depriving them of nutrition that leaves them feeling hungry and weak.

teenage girls should plan their breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks according to a set pattern of healthy eating.


Breakfast is the most important meal for anyone. It is important on two counts, nourishing the body after fasting overnight, and charging the body with energy that can last the rest of the day. Breakfast for a teenage girl should have adequate proportions of protein, carbohydrates and fats. The usual combinations of foods such as cereal with milk and peanut butter, or bread with toast are good choices. The meal should contain whole grain products that add fibre. Fruits and vegetables are a rich source of fibre too.

Pertaining to the need of teenage girls, vitamin D and calcium are more important because of the need for building bone mass. That is why all healthy diet plans for teenage girls should include low fat milk.


One of the ideal dishes for lunch include sandwich with whole grain bread and tofu. Have as much of tofu as you can digest but do not forget to pack in a host of veggies in your sandwich. Dress it with all the varieties of it that you can find, such as peppers, cucumbers, olives, lettuce and tomatoes. Have a topping of mustard or hummus.

Such a dish can be made more nutritious with almonds, raisins and low fat yoghurt. You should avoid foods such as french fries, chicken nuggets, nachos and pizza when eating at a cafeteria. Although it is not mandatory that you must avoid them all the time, do not be a regular junk food fan. Eating them daily or regularly would make you gain weight and feel tardy.


After you have finished your day full of activity, it is important that you have balanced dinner. Brown rice, pasta and tofu are some healthy sources of protein that you should have more often. Some vegetables must be included in dinner especially if the lunch did not have any.

It is especially important for teenage girls to have sufficient amount of iron as monthly menstruation can increase the risk of iron deficiency in them. Beans and spinach are some healthy iron rich foods that should form a part of their diet.

Excess belly fat can increase the risk of heart diseases!! here is best tips to rid of belly fats

Losing belly fat can be a difficult task. You might be searching for perfect ways to lose those extra kilos around your belly, to fit into your favourite clothes. Apart from being unappealing, belly fat is also very harmful to your health. Excess belly fat can increase the risk of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and high blood pressure. Exercise and diet is the best way to lose belly fat but there are certain habits that you must be careful about. These habits can aid weight loss. Read on to know such habits that can help you lose belly fat effectively.

Improve your diet

A balanced diet is the key to maintain a healthy weight. A healthy diet affects your allover health. You must increase soluble fiber in your diet. Fiber promotes weight loss. It makes you feel full and then you will eat less. Fiber also promotes digestion and decreases the number of calories you absorb from food. Foods high in fiber are flaxseeds, berries, legumes and grains. Should also avoid fatty foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates as they have less nutritional value and more calories.

Reduce stress

Stress can lead to weight gain. It can trigger belly fat as it increases the production of cortisol, which a stress hormone. Cortisol influences a person’s diet. It increases hunger which can lead to consumption of unwanted calories. In order to reduce belly fat, you should engage yourself in activities which can help you relieve stress. To reduce stress you can try yoga and meditation. You should also try to spend more time with your family to reduce stress.

Get adequate sleep

Proper sleep is also an important factor which influences belly fat. Sleep deprivation affects the hormones that regulate hunger and appetite. Lack of sleep reduces the production of leptin, which is a hormone that suppresses hunger. On the other hand, it triggers another hormone called ghrelin, which increases hunger. So, in order to lose belly fat, you must ensure a proper sleeping pattern.

Reduce alcohol intake

Alcohol affects the human body in many ways. It degrades your health continuously. Alcoholic drinks contribute to the deposition of extra fat around your belly. Reducing alcohol intake can help you reduce waist size. Most alcoholic drinks contain added sugar which also increases belly fat.

Add apple cider vinegar to your diet

Apple cider vinegar promotes weight loss. It is a low-calorie drink that suppresses fat accumulation. It the best remedy to lose belly fat. You must include it in your diet to lose belly fat effectively. You must dilute apple cider vinegar before consuming it. You can drink apple cider vinegar early morning. Take a cup of warm water and a small amount of apple cider vinegar to it. Squeeze a fresh lemon into the mixture and consume it empty stomach. It will also help in controlling your blood sugar levels

Avoid fruit juice

Artificial fruit juices are high in sugar. They have less nutritional values. Added sugar can increase belly fat.  Avoid drinking fruit juices to keep belly fat at bay. You can drink green tea or squeeze a lemon into a glass of fresh water and drink it.

You must follow a proper diet and exercising routine to reduce belly fat more effectively. or else you can go with the HCG Injections.. HCG injections are the best way to lose weight in short time..